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Cavity wall insulation removal

More than 20 years of experience with cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation can provide you with an effective way to reduce how much you spend on heating – but it doesn’t always work. Where the cavity wall insulation material has been poorly chosen, the cavity wall insulation hasn’t been installed properly or property damage has occurred, you may need to have your cavity wall insulation removed.

Defective cavity insulation means that you’re not getting the benefits that you’ve invested in. However, the damage that poor cavity insulation can cause can actually be far worse. When wall insulation absorbs water and gets wet, it can lead to damp and mould in homes and if left unchecked, can result in structural damage to the property too.

It’s an issue we’ve been tackling for over 20 years and as a result, we’ve become experts in the area. Our expert teams can effectively and quickly remove the defective cavity wall insulation and offer the advice you need to remedy any further insulation issues you may experience.

Why Remove Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall services

Rubble & Debris in the cavity space.

Timber panels

Timber framed isn't suitable.

Insulation removal work

Steel framed isn't suitable.

Thermal imaging - prevent heat loss

Void & missing cavity insulation.

Insulation specialists

Old foam shrinks over time.

Prevent damp

Damp & mould & condensation.

Flood or fire damaged

Flood or fire damaged.

Insulation case study

Wall tie replacement.

Diagnose and prevent damp

Wet & damp cavity insulation.

Cavity wall installation company

Upgrading cavity insulation.

Blocked air vents causes floor rot

Blocked air vents causes floor rot.

Wall vent

Building refurbishment.

How To Remove Cavity Wall Insulation?

We use industry leading equipment and technology to safely and efficiently remove your cavity wall insulation without causing any further damage. Our highly qualified teams are trained to follow best practices to ensure their work is always completed to a high standard. Delivering continued support

If you need additional advice after you’ve planned your cavity wall insulation removal, the teams at Extract Insulation can still help you. Whether you want advice on how to tackle the damp that poor insulation has caused, or you would like to understand how our services can provide quality cavity wall insulation that won’t fail, you can contact our team.

If you have concerns about your existing cavity wall insulation, our professional team are on hand to offer advice now.

Cavity Wall Extraction Machine

Removal machine to suck.


Compressor to blow.

Cavity wall insulation boroscope

Boroscope to inspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to remove cavity wall insulation?

We receive emails from troubled home owners who are looking to know about the cost of cavity wall extraction. The cost obviously varies from one project to another, depending on the size and need of the house. Please get in touch for advice.

Need some advice? Our experts are available to help

We’ve been working in the industry for over two decades and have honed our experience to other our customers tailored, complete solutions that are accredited and carried out by professional teams.

If your property is suffering from penetrating damp and mould - it's one of the main signs that you should contact a professional to assess your existing cavity wall insulation. We will give you a free no-obligation survey!

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