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Floor insulation

More than 20 years of experience with underfloor insulation

Insulating your suspended timber floors is a great way to keep your property warm. However, you should consider insulating any floors that are above unheated spaces such as garages, as you could be losing a lot of heat through those. If you’re on an upper floor, you don’t usually need to insulate your floor space.

There are several different insulation materials and products which can be used, including mineral wool, rigid boards and foam and professional advice should be obtained on the appropriate thickness of each of these to be installed in your home. Regardless of which product is selected it is important to ensure that no gaps are left in the insulation coverage, especially between the end joists and the floor perimeter wall.

Floor Insulation

The "Every Home Counts" Approach

Floor insulation that’s not fitted correctly can cause numerous problems; we overcome that by using tested, premium materials that promise to deliver long–lasting results after we’ve removed the defective materials.

Our floor insulation ensure your heating bills are reduced as much as possible and giving you the biggest return on investment.

We’ve been using  insulation materials for almost two decades and that experience means we’re confident that our approach, methods, and choice of materials do work. We’re so confident in our insulation system that every customer is given a 10–year CIGA guarantee for peace of mind.

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We’ve been working in the industry for over two decades and have honed our experience to other our customers tailored, complete solutions that are accredited and carried out by professional teams.

If your property is suffering from penetrating damp and mould - it's one of the main signs that you should contact a professional to assess your existing cavity wall insulation. We will give you a free no-obligation survey!

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