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Insulation Extraction in Wiltshire



Is it time to reduce your household expenses? Save up to 35% on heating bills with a qualified, local insulation expert.

Our Core Services

Our focus is very much on the removal and replacement of insulation.

If you have ever reached the point where you need insulation removed from your own home, then you'll know that this is definitely the job for professionals.


As experienced experts in insulation removal, we carry out work in the professional, safe and efficient manner that you would expect.

Whether working on domestic properties, or large office complexes, we consistently deliver great results for our customers.

We are local

Our service covers Wiltshire in its entirety (taking in the likes of Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Trowbridge & Devizes – not to mention the numerous villages and hamlets that help to make this such a beautiful part of the county.)

No matter where our team are, they provide the same consistently high levels of service.

We Can Help with your Existing Insulation

Typically, when we're called in to carry out an insulation removal project, we'll have been called due to problems with the existing insulating material.

It may be that the original installation wasn't carried out in the proper manner, that material has become damaged or even that an infestation of pests has caused problems.

Indeed, we sometimes get called out because the insulation is suffering from all of the above!

WE check whether the insulation removal is NECESSARY

Before removing any insulation, we always check that it is absolutely necessary to do so.  That's because we recognise that insulation can be costly, and the removal process inevitably causes some disruption.

Once we have carried out the initial survey and ascertained that removal is the only reasonable course of action open to us, then we approach the job in precisely the manner that you would imagine: with professionalism and with a dedication to achieving the best possible outcome.

We Can Remove Insulation from Any Area of Almost Any Property

In most cases, we are asked to assist with the removal of loft insulation or cavity wall insulation.

  • When carrying out such projects, we don't simply have an excellent, fully trained team of specialists: we also have the latest equipment and machinery.
  • As you'll undoubtedly appreciate, the removal of insulation is incredibly difficult, if you do not have the right tools for the job.  Some forms of insulating material can even be an irritant, which only adds to the difficulties involved.

We Take Care of Disposal

Once we have removed your old insulation, we ensure that it is also disposed of in a safe manner.  We concentrate on an environmentally friendly approach, protecting the local area and local residents accordingly.

We Can Advise on Appropriate, Cost-effective Replacement

We are able to advise on the installation of replacement insulation.

We appreciate the value of having great insulation in place, which can help to make significant savings, reducing heat loss within the home.

Need Funding?

Our experts are aware of the very latest grants and finance options that are available to Wiltshire residents.

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