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Feeling the squeeze on your heating bills? Choose professional, cost effective cavity wall insulation experts to make your property more energy efficient.

Why Choose Us

Investing in better energy efficiency in a home starts with a better understanding of your insulation needs.  Our core services, which we consider to be our duty, focus on the removal and replacement of insulation.

We install an insulation system based on your specific needs following an inspection and energy assessment.  Regardless of whether our team ends up carrying out any work, we supply systematically high levels of service to establish what is required.

We Are Local

Our services cover all of Hampshire (taking in the areas such as Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke and Andover – not to mention the many villages that make up such a stunning part of the county)

We Are Experts

We have specialists in insulation removal throughout Hampshire and its surrounding counties.  We provide skilled contractors who work safely and economically to solve damp issues, both in domestic properties and major workplace structures.  In doing so, we provide highly professional end results for our customers.

We can tackle your insulation problems

We offer insulation troubleshooting and replacement.

  • We can quickly identify if the initial installation was carried out to the required standard.
  • We can pinpoint where materials are no longer fit for purpose or where pest infestation has caused issues.

Indeed, our reputation owes a lot to identifying instances where the above issues have proved to be the cause of the problems!

We only carry out work if it Is necessary

  • Before removing any insulation, we always verify that it is 100% necessary to do so.
  • Following survey results, if removal is deemed to be the correct solution, we approach the task with the dedication required to achieve the most effective result.


We can rid just about any area, of virtually any property, of damaged insulation.  It is often the removal of loft insulation – for which we not only provide a fully trained team of specialists - we also provide the most up–to–date equipment to get the job done professionally.

  • Removing insulation isn't the easiest of jobs, so having the correct tools is vital.
  • We have to consider the irritant nature of many kinds of insulation – a key issue which needs professional handling.
  • Following removal, we are committed to disposing of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

And disposal of waste materials is not where it all ends.  We advise on the installation of appropriate replacement insulation.  Doing so can promote significant household savings by reducing heat loss.

need Funding?

Our specialists are able to advise on available grants and finance choices available to property owners.  By doing our best to provide suitable replacement insulation, we provide an effective and cheap resolution.

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