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Solar PV system

Adding solar panels to your home is a simple way to cut down on your monthly bills and improve your home's environmental credentials.

For many homeowners, the addition of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system can result in a 70% reduction in their annual energy bills as the electricity powering their home comes directly from the sun, rather than damaging fossil fuels.

Start saving money and having more in your pocket to spend on the things that really matter when you install a solar PV system with the help of Extract Insulation.

What are Photovoltaic Systems?

Solar PV systems consist of layers of semi-conducting material that can transform sunlight into a renewable source of energy to power your home.

These cells work all year round, even on cloudy days.  However, the sunnier it is, the more energy that can be generated.  You can also store energy using solar battery units so you never run out of electricity.

Good quality solar panels can last for around 25 years, providing your home with green energy to power all the everyday items you couldn't live without.


Why should I install a solar PV system in my home?

 If you’re passionate about creating a more sustainable future and reducing the amount you pay for energy every month, installing solar panels in your home could be a great decision.

Here’s why we think everyone should have solar panels:

  • Reduces your energy bills
  • You’ll have more money to spend on yourself
  • You’re creating a more sustainable and renewable energy source to power your home
  • They are very low maintenance after initial installation
  • Improves energy grid security

Choose your perfect solar PV system with Extract Insulation

Everyone’s house and energy requirements are completely different so, when you choose Extract Insulation, we’ll work closely with you to design a system around your needs.

With years of experience installing solar panels to homes across the UK and a collection of industry-leading equipment, we’re able to guarantee a professional, speedy and effective service every time.

Our team of experts will follow all the best practices to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your new solar panels and will even provide ongoing support long after your panels are first installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can solar PV charge an electric vehicle?

Yes, not only can the electricity generated by your solar panels power things like your fridge, freezer and other home appliances, it can also be used to charge your electric car.

You'll just need to ensure that you have a solar compatible EV charger that can direct the power from your solar panels to your electric car charger.

How many solar batteries do I need?

This will depend on your current electricity usage.  At Extract Insulation, we will help you decide on how many you need so you have enough to cover all the electricity you use on a daily basis.

If I am using solar panels, am I off-grid?

Using solar panels doesn't mean that you are completely off grid as any surplus energy that is created will be sent back to the grid.

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