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Comprehensive cavity wall insulation services


Do you suspect that your home is losing more heat than it should be? Insulation is a cost-effective way to reduce your heating bills.

It's generally accepted that insulation can reduce heat loss, saving homeowners an impressive amount of money in the form of savings on their energy bills.

Our Core Services

We are insulation removal and replacement specialists with almost 20 years of industry experience.

If you are a homeowner in West Sussex, then we're pleased to say that we offer a comprehensive insulation removal service in your area.

Why choose us

Although you may have cavity wall insulation in place, there could be a problem with that insulation.  We have successfully removed cavity wall insulation from many homes in West Sussex, working closely with the homeowner to ensure that replacement insulation is correctly installed.

  • Materials might reasonably be expected to last for a number of years; however, there are occasions when it is necessary to replace the material - which is where Extract Insulation steps in with our insulation removal service.
  • Rising heating bills could be the first sign that you have a problem with your existing insulation.
  • The inaccessible nature of cavity wall insulation means that it may be difficult to identify precisely what the issue is.  We have the technology and the skills to be able to establish the underlying cause of problems.

Our Local Experience

When carrying out previous work in West Sussex, we have encountered properties where cavity wall insulation has simply not been installed properly.  On other occasions, it has been disturbed, sometimes by other renovation work and home improvements.

When faced with insulation that has been disrupted, which may have led to the presence of dampness within the home, we understand the importance of acting quickly and effectively.

Our Tested Approach

Our own approach to cavity wall insulation removal in West Sussex involves a tried and tested process:

  • We begin by establishing the cause of the problem and whether removal represents the best option for the homeowner.
  • In cases where we are suitably assured that this is the case, we proceed by using an industrial vacuum to suck existing material out from between the brickwork.
  • As we carry out the work, we have a very firm focus on keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.  In fact, our specialist machinery enables us to ensure that, after insulation removal has been completed, the exterior of the property shows no signs of work being undertaken.
  • After the material has been removed, it's usually bagged up on-site, prior to being taken away for disposal.

We Are Environmentally Friendly

The actual disposal of insulating material is something that we take very seriously: we have legal and environmental obligations, which we always follow.


Our specialists are able to advise on available grants and finance choices available to property owners.  By doing our best to provide suitable replacement insulation, we provide an effective and cheap resolution.


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