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Why remove and replace loft insulation?

 19th May 2022

We all know that heat costs are rising. So, when you consider that 25% of the heat you lose from your home leaves through the roof, it’s not surprising that good loft insulation is deemed essential by many homeowners. Not only can it reduce heat loss, but good quality insulation can considerably reduce your energy bills. The payback on getting your loft insulation replaced with a more effective insulation type can be less than two years.

My loft is already insulated. Why should I replace it?

As with everything, insulation doesn't last forever. Well-fitted loft insulation has a typical shelf life of 30-40 years before it starts to deteriorate and becomes less effective at insulating your home. The result of having a poorly insulated loft is higher energy bills and less heat retention. Of course, if your insulation suffers secondary damage such as water or fire damage, it could need replacing sooner.

Loft insulation removal

If your loft insulation hasn’t been replaced in decades, it’s likely to have become ineffective and caused a spike in your energy costs. Dirty loft insulation can also signify that pests have been living in your loft space, such as mice, rats or pigeons. The presence of pests can cause an unhealthy living environment. The old insulation should be removed professionally and controlled so it doesn’t disturb or affect the rest of your home.

Can I remove the existing insulation myself?

Unless you have experience in removing loft insulation, we would advise against taking a DIY approach. Loft insulation contains several harmful irritants, including fibreglass and rock wool. These materials should not be breathed in. A professional loft insulation remover will be able to remove and dispose of old insulation safely using appropriate protective equipment.

Replacing your loft insulation

Once the old insulation has been removed and safely disposed of, it can be replaced with a newer, higher performance loft insulation. We will help you choose the best insulation to suit your property. The options available include:

Insulation Rolls - One of the most widely used types of loft insulation made from fibreglass and natural fibres, it effectively keeps in (or out) heat.

Spray foam - Spray foam insulation is sprayed into an area and then expands to fill the space. It is a very effective insulator, especially for getting o areas that are hard-to-reach but unfortunately, you would not be able to mortgage the property with this in situ (so not recommended).

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