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Stormdry Brick Sealer & Application

 25th May 2021

Without proper protection, penetrating dampness and heat loss can be a major problem in many buildings. Solid brick and stone wall constructions are often favoured by homeowners for their authentic and attractive look but can be particularly vulnerable to the effects of flooding and poor weather conditions, due to the fact that they are more difficult to insulate.

At Extract Insulation, our specialists can offer advice on the best ways to overcome damp and heat loss in your home. In many cases, we recommend the Stormdry™ application to protect your home from penetrating dampness without sacrificing the aesthetic qualities of your masonry.

What Is Stormdry Brick Sealer?

Stormdry™ is a colourless cream that has been scientifically tested to protect the masonry from the effects of rain penetration for up to 30 years in a single application. The most advanced product of its kind on the market, the Stormdry™ application creates an invisible barrier against moisture, while allowing the masonry to breathe and retain its original looks and features.

In addition to protecting against dampness, Stormdry™ application also creates warmer walls – minimising heat loss and helping you to cut down on your carbon emissions and save money on your energy bills. It can also act as an effective flood barrier as part of a flood resilient system and encourages walls to dry out more quickly after flooding occurs.

How Can Extract Insulation Help?

At Extract Insulation, we offer a complete Stormdry™ installation service guaranteed to leave your home warmer, drier and better protected, with no impact on the overall appearance of your property. Our installation specialists will inspect your building to assess whether it is suitable for the Stormdry™ application. If you decide to go ahead, we will also conduct any necessary preparation work – such as drying, cleaning and repointing the surface – before applying the Stormdry™ mix. Once applied, the mix will penetrate the brickwork and become colourless, returning your masonry to its original colour within 24 to 48 hours.

Stormdry™ has been independently tested and certified to perform to EN ISO 15148, this is a direct equivalent to BS (British Standard). A single coat application can save up to 29% energy, effectively reducing your carbon emissions. It is the result of over 10 years of research and development and has been scientifically proven to outperform competing products, thanks to a unique Silane/Siloxane formula that has been extensively tested on a variety of masonry.

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