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Why insulate commercial buildings like schools, hospitals and care homes?

 21st Apr 2022

Many of us know that we should insulate our homes to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our monthly energy bills. But these benefits don’t just apply to domestic properties, we think insulation should be installed in commercial buildings – like schools, hospitals, and care homes – too.

There is a whole range of reasons why insulating buildings is one of the most sustainable and cost-effective things we can do.

Buildings that are thermally efficient are better for everyone. They’re more comfortable for the people who live, work or study in them, better for the environment and more affordable for the landlords/businesses that operate from them.

Here’s why we think all commercial buildings should be insulated.

It’s cost-effective

We all notice the energy bills in our homes going up when the weather gets cold, this is normally because without proper insulation, hot air escapes and we have to use more energy to keep our homes at a comfortable level.

Imagine how much air is being lost in buildings as big as schools, hospitals and care homes – a lot more than in a domestic property, that’s for sure.

Insulating these types of commercial buildings will result in significant cost savings as there won’t be as much reliance on energy and heating.

The money that can be saved on heating bills is far better spent on other parts of the business that can make a real difference for the people working, living and studying in these commercial spaces.

Buildings should be comfortable for their residents

Comfort should be the priority for any business, especially in places like hospitals, schools and care homes.

People expect the room temperature to be regulated, and for spaces to feel comfortable when they have to spend long periods of time in them.

The temperature has a big impact on people’s overall well-being, and through effective insulation, you can ensure that residents are as comfortable as possible – at all times.

Companies should be more sustainably conscious

In modern times, companies are expected to be socially and environmentally conscious. People want to work for eco-friendly businesses, and trust sustainable brands more than others.

By insulating their buildings, companies are making a big step towards reducing their carbon footprint and taking critical steps towards energy efficiency.

In these larger spaces, it’s even more important for people to take the environment into consideration when it comes to their building choices and strategies.

So whether these buildings install floor insulation, loft insulation, or just more efficient ventilation systems, it can make a big difference.

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